Mayan Fusion

Tapas, Fresh Seafood, and Natural Meats.


418 Main St
Fort Bragg, California


(707) 961-0211


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Our story begins with a dream, a vision, and a purpose. Owner and Executive Chef, Silver Canul, wished nothing more than to bring joy to people who enjoy good and out of normfoods. He wanted to create a unique restaurant where he could incorporate many different styles of food, while also using Mayan spices and typical dishes that he would eat growing up. He knew that this would be a risk as many of the Mayan traditional dishes are… different. He didn’t know if his community would enjoy the art of a different style of food. Today, his food and restaurant has inspired his community to provide different or similar styles of food. “ I wanted to Infuse Italian, French, Mexican, and Asian spices to recreate the meaning and the taste of food. It’s not your typical “Mexican Restaurant” like most people think it is. It’s a Mayan Fusion restaurant. Its not one thing, its many other beautiful things that you normally wont see in any other places.” Silver opened his restaurant originally down at the Harbor in 2015, but later moved to the heart of Fort Bragg where he continues to serve those who enjoy the art of cooking.

Restaurant Week Offering:

Complimentary appetizer with the purchase of an entree. Choose from Crab Cakes, Zucchini,  Empanadas or A Panucho.